ponedeljek, 22. junij 2015

First summer day spent on snow

From today on, I'll write all of my blogs in english - for reaching more foreign readers and the old ones will finally understand some of the stories. I will do my best to write without grammar mistakes.

It's been a while since I was on my skis for the last time. Three months since i have been standing on my skis and four months since i have been skiing properly. Firstly, I injured my ankle again and then a lot of exams came or my old sins as we could say and then final exams called Matura. 
I was trying to study as much as could, but I think that I was training twice as much. At least.

Finally, THE last matura oral exam! 

My plan was obvious - to go skiing as fast as possible. And we did. I picked up Martin at two o'clock in the morning and went to Malta valley to find some snow, which is quite a challenge at this time, at this height. But we did, although we hadn't hiked above 2300m due to fog and crazy strong wind.
I can say we had a blast. I mean, how often can you ski at 2000 meters in the end of June? 

It has been such a pleasure to feel smallness again, listening the sound of wind and smelling cold and clean air. And the snowflakes ... snow storm in summer, why not?

Fuck you summer, we are skiing!

Oh and by the way, i've got sponsored from Kult eyewear during my ''skiing pause'' and i was pretty surprised when a box with fiftheen sunglasses came home!

The video shows my 48 hours after the last matura exam.. training, skiing and training.. i had been sleeping for exactly hour and half. Stoked on school is over!