nedelja, 24. januar 2016

Lets start this

So this week I have finally started my ski-mountaineering season... better late than never?

On Wednesday Aleš, Jernej and I went on a relaxing ski touring on Sella Nevea and Kanin... without any pressure and we had some really good time. The snow was really bad, but it didn't bother us at all. Those two guys were smart enough to go to the top of Prestreljnik window by feet... I wasn't and realised that too late... I wanted to stay on my skis until the top, but I gave up (better option) and went directly to some kind a mountain pass next to the window.

I was alone there, though Aleš and Jernej had a company of a few guys - one of them was also Klemen Jakopin - MESO, with whom I skied one day last winter. We met up in the bottom and ended the day together. Meso and his friend had also skied one narrow line from the ridge on Sella Nevea, but we already went in home-direction.

On Thursday I also had been on skis/skins, but this time with my coach Mitja and my teammate Gregor. We had done a 4 hours long trainings... and when those two are together, you better hurry up! They are training hard and skinning up even faster... They decided to compete on 4 Islands stage race as a duo... I also took a few shots of them for their promotion video. They did 4 hours and 2000 vertical meters and I did 4 hours and 1600 vertical meters... Sorry guys, I just couldn't keep it up with you :)

Today Meso and I went to climb Zupančičeva grapa and ski from Velika Mojstrovka... I saw a picture of the possible skiable line from the top so I said to Klemen if he would like to join... he wasn't sure until he saw the picture ;)

We wasn't sprinting up the hill at all, but we realised that we are faster than others and we haven't even been tired... We also saw an alpinism legend Mr. Štremfelj who guided a client in Butinarjeva grapa. We decided then to slow down a bit as we were early enough to have a lot of time until the most people come to vršič pass and attack mountains above it.

In an hour we were at the top and went directly to Velika Mojstrovka.. we took some photos and ate Energy cake and then went down.. The line from the top is marked as III- and it was sweet but short.. From saddle till the bottom of the mountain was nothing special, because snow was hard and icy... with lower altitude also more rocks appeared.

I usually don't like crowded places, especially if crowds appear in mountains... but this year we cannot do much about it, so I won't complain. It was a nice day, I really like to be with Meso and we were even at home before lunch!

I always realize too late that I keep forgetting shooting a footage of climbing up, because videos should be more interesting. I will keep that in mind for next week!

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  1. Short sweet;)but finding good lines its magic this winter in Slovenija...