ponedeljek, 18. januar 2016

To sum up

It's been a long time since my last blog post and many things happened until now.

Let's begin with weeks after matura exams... I got myself to some serious training for 15/16 ski- and cycling/mtb season, which led me to some important decisions after, but firstly let's go to tests for Faculty of Sports in Ljubljana (University), which were happening in the beginning of July.

I didn't know what to expect, but i knew that my running and swimming are far from good and that would be my worst disciplines, so I had to gave it all on other tests. Overall I did quite a good job, if we don't take cooper and swimming tests I was one of the best there... but that doesn't matter because I didn't even make normas on those two. On cooper test I failed for 10 seconds and when swimming I failed for 4 seconds and I was one the worst swimmers there. But we have to look on the bright side too - I was in top 5% in other disciplines.

So summer went on and I was training a lot - from 12 to 16 hours per week and progressed a lot, I also lost around 4 kilos which is quite a lot. Those who climb, run, hike, cycle a lot will know how big the difference is when going uphill. :) After tests on Faculty I started to do some trail running also, the longest run was even 30km long.

After some time I also got results of matura exam, which were really good! Even my slovene teacher was really proud of my results. :) Unfortunately I missed my place on Faculty for TWO points, due to my swimming and/or running. So I decided not to go on University this year, because I don't want to spend time on things which I'm not interested in. And I'm having the time of my life!

In autumn I was working at the warehouse of slovenian biggest online store - Mimovrste so now I have some extra money... unfortunately it won't be enough for the whole year, but I will make it through.

I also started to post regularly on my INSTAGRAM page (free to follow/please follow) where I try to post on daily basis, mostly photos from trainings - nature, landscapes and mountains. 

''My year'' as I call my study break it's going really well. I started working with my coach Mitja from energijateam.com and he really brought discipline to my daily routine. Now I train from 10 to 20 hours per week, but much smarter and he knows how to do it. Plan is to race the whole 2016 season as good as possible with some main goals (races) to do some results. 

I also thought that this year will be my really hardcore skimountaineering year, but then Mother Nature decided not to let winter reach our part of the Alps and now I'm more or less on the road or forest and gym. Some days ago winter finally came to our peaks, but under 2000m of height not much snow had fallen. No snow is being forecasted until the end of January, but I hope winter will struck our land in February so hard that we won't be able to come from our houses. (year right)

Some days ago I also appeared on the official page of international freeski team at Elan skis (thanks for supporting me) and I've made a self portrait for both - Elan and Kult Eyewear (thanks for supporting me), which will appear on a new web page soon. :) 

So this week is finally a winter one for me, with a few skimountaineering days. That's what I've been waiting for a looong time!!!

Thanks for reading and supporting me you all, from now on I will post more on, but you can follow me on Instagram to see what I'm doing on daily basis.

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