sobota, 27. februar 2016

Trolko was trolling us

Snow, wind, cold and fog moved back into slovenian mountains... It feels like winter again.

This week I should have been resting as I have done 24 hours of trainings last week. And I have, I've been active just three times this week. And that feels soo much easier! 

7 - Trolko
8 - Y
13 - Grapa v SZ grebenu
Today Jan and me went to Ljubelj (again)... our plan was quite simple: to ski 3 lines: Trolko (IV,S5), Y (IV-,S5) and a simple couloir in NE ridge (III). (7,8,13)

As usual, we started early to avoid folks and pressure, so we could skin and climb up in an easier tempo. This time we went up without headlights as day went in earlier and we soon saw some kind of sunrise.

When we were booting towards the start of our first route, two guys caught us up and we soon started to talk. They were super friendly so we went on together as they had similar plans as we did.

Their names were Franci (Čopko) and Gašper. Franci was dictating direction and we dictated tempo, as we were in front. When Trolko route (usually) goes into the right, we had to go to the left as upper part did not have good conditions... so we just went to the ridge and then to the top. When crossing the face, at some point I didn't know how to step up with my right leg haha. It was funny and interesting, but if I would slip down, I don't know how it could end. :)

Of course, other three guys did not have any problems as they climb in the summer too haha. That is also my main weakness - I don't do any rock climbing anymore, maybe I should... but when?

Skiing was actually pretty good if I compare it to wednesday's one as snow in the upper part was soft today. Of course it was not as good as one week before, but ok!
After we climbed Trolk oroute, we descented Y couloir. When we came down from Y descent, we soon saw how many people was trying to ascent Trolko... so we decided to go down instead of climbing Trolko again and skiing it.

Jan and me said goodbye from Franci and Gašper and headed towards western side of Begunjščica to climb and ski another route. But when we came there, we realized we went too low and fog just got thicker. So we just went back home. 

Really nice day meeting new people in the enviroment where we feel good. Even if there is bad weather. Actually bad weather doesn't exist. Just wrong equipment and clothes.

***EDIT: we weren't in Trolko as we went too high. Never mind, we were on snow.


sreda, 24. februar 2016

Sometimes it's harder

After Vrtača on Sunday, Jan and me decided to check what conditions we have above Pokljuka. We should go there, ski a few lines and have some good time.

I picked him up at around 7 o'clock, then we drove up without any hurry. It was actually almost nobody there. And in the middle of nowhere Jernej Avguštin appeared! We started to talk and then headed to the top together.

After half hour we realized how icy it was... even though sun was shining and temperatures were rising a bit, ice didn't melt for a bit. I had soon realized that our plans may change a little bit as it's hard to ski on icy snow, especially on exposed faces...

So Jan and I had just skied down from Viševnik on the south-west side, through JZ grapa. We were hoping to ice melt a little bit, but it didn't. It was hard to ski as you have to ski with more power and be more careful. Even though it was probably one of the worst snowpacks in a long time, we agreed that we have to ski on all kinds of snow. Some training is never bad for progressing.

nedelja, 21. februar 2016

Spring skiing in the middle of winter

I wanted to go on a ski tour some day with Jan Palovšnik. Ex-ski racer with a perfect technique, speed and passion for mountaineering. And the same age as mine. What could be better?

We made a contact on Friday I think, talking about Sunday... we knew it would get pretty warm already in the morning, so we decided to start a bit earlier as you usually do.

How unusual for me... I fell asleep when I had already been awake. Those things can happen if you don't jump from a bed immediatelly haha. Fortunately I woke up after 15 minutes and managed to be in Tržič in 15 minutes. Don't mind the speed, mountains were calling!

We started walking at 5.10 am towards Vrtača mountain. Our plan was something like ''we should be at the top when sun goes up''... well we were very optimistic about that, weren't we? :) Even though we had a pretty decent climbing speed, we were too late of course. We should start at least hour earlier. Days are becoming longer...

Even though I was on Vrtača already yesterday, that didn't helped us much. Most of my steps in the couloir were filled with snow so we had to do everything again. After sunrise we slowed down a bit, because we had time now. Haaa, second mistake! We slowed down so much that snow became heavy haha. Shit happens!

After some photos we were ready to ski down on south face. Haaa, third mistake in a row! :) Maybe it would be better if we would go back to Y couloir and I would ski the south face a day before. But who knows!

Snow was heavy, sticky and hard to ride on. We really had one shit of snow, but we also had a good time. Snow is snow, right? :)

When we came back to Zelenica, we could not believe our eyes... there were soooo many people! I haven't seen anything like that, on 100 meters I counted them 52 (FIFTY-TWO)!!! Parking place at the bottom was packed till the last free centimetre, and people were still coming there (at noon?!).

Yesterday's fast line on Begnujščica went viral... that gives me some more motivation, thanks to all!

sobota, 20. februar 2016

Fastest line of my life

Never eat a pizza a night before you are going to shred some nasty lines a day after... you will soon know why :)

I decided to try once again to send it down in Centralna grapa.. and this time I was finally successful!

When I was driving to Elan factory on Thursday to pick up my new skis, I saw how beautifully Begunjščica looks like. It really is my favourite mountain, even though I still have to discover a big part of it. Oh... and skis... I really don't have right words to describe them yet! I start to shake everytime I look at them, so excited I am!

When I checked the conditons on Monday, I knew that I will soon come again... and I did and a little dreams finally came true! Snow was just perfect for skiing and I had a whole couloir just for myself. What a speed!
That just wouldn't be possible without my new skis, because they are a bit longer and wider, and the most important.. they are sooo much more stable!!!

I will write a longer blog dedicated just to Ripsticks when I get more used to them.. but so
far I'm just lovin them!

After that nasty super fast line in Centralna grapa i went further to check Vrtača... when I came beneath the face, mountain said ''NO'' to me... Fog became so thick that I didn't see 5 meters in front of me... so I skied Y couloir a bit slower than one before hehe. 

My plan was to do 3 lines in a day, but I just couldn't... Yesterdays pizza wanted me to go home.

Since I am making home-made protein and carb bars, I take them on longer trainings and skiing with me... it's so much better if you know what are you eating! If anyone is interested in having them or making ones, let me know. 

četrtek, 18. februar 2016

A quick solo and some woods shredding


Monday morning was a rainy, foggy and sleepy one. I think I hadn't gone so late on skis ever before, but I knew that days are becoming longer and when there is bad weather in the mountains, usually no one is there.

Drejc sent me a picture of Begunjščica an evening before and it looked good in my opininon.
So I had to check it of course!

When I came to Ljubelj I was sleepy and was moving slowly... until I stepped on my skis. I immediately started to walk fast to wake up and after an hour I was already climbing up the Centralni plaz above Zelenica.

I hadn't any goal that day, I just went to check snow conditions if anything is possible to ride.
I made a path directly to the entrance of Centralna grapa/couloir in almost 30cm of fresh snow so it was a nice training... which was just a warm up for trudging in couloir till the top.

Unfortunately it was so foggy on moments that I didn't see 5 meters in front of me. Fog was just getting thicker and thicker... I soon saw a cornice on the top so it had to be about a few meters until the top... well, I was wrong, I saw a wrong cornice than I should and fastly realized that I went in wrong direction. I was about 50m more right than I should, but I decided to ski down from the ridge as fog was getting worse and wind started to blow.

On moments I didn't see anything, I just went down by instinct. Finally fog became thinner and I saw a few meters more, so I decided to pick up my speed a little. In the bottom of the route snow was packed and hard to ski, but I made a few nice turns and headed to sip my tea in the lodge.

When I came home I realized my camera bacame foggy after a five or six turns... dammit!


Yesterday we had a little expedition with friends on Pokljuka... I was late again and soon received a message from Drejc: ''Classic. You live the nearest and you need the most time.'' Sorry guys, I had to finish my job on a toilet, haha.

Because avalanche possibility was a really high one (still is), we went to shred some woods and pillow lines to a place where almost every one of us started ski-touring - Pokljuka.

Drejc, Matjaž, Dorijan, Mrtn, Jaka, Rok and I were enjoying snowy landscapes and a nice path. Firstly Drejc was the bulldozer, then I made most of it which is good for training.
That was Dorijan's first ski-tour! And he did it really well.

Jaka Tamše

We knew where it would be the most dangerous to trigger an avalanche when skinning up... and it happened exactly there we knew it would. Luckily the avalanche wasn't so big, but I had to dig Matjaž out of snow because he couldn't move out of it.

After a tea in a lodge we went a bit higher to our start of skiing point. One run we did all toghether and one more we did with Drejc, Matjaž, Mrtn and I alone as other gangsters had to go home.

It was a nice and relaxing day feeling small beneath those huge snowy trees.

nedelja, 14. februar 2016

Train hard, play hard

So... let's start with some summary of what I've been doing past few days.

After being in Austria with slovenian skiing legend Bine and Mrtn I spent most of my time training on a mountain bike and in a gym to train on my strenght and balance. I also started swimming last week and I already improved my technique a bit... on Friday me and my team moved to slovenian coast to get some hard trainings done... which were actually not so hard after all. :)

I haven't been training as hard as this year before so you can imagine how big a difference is comparing with last year or year before... What ever, let's go to skiing!

Last week I was checking the forecast every single day for several times a day... I knew that it will snow big time after I get back from training camp and that was my biggest motivation there haha! In mountains had fallen from 50 to 150 centimeters of snow... FINALLY!!!


Drejc, Matjaž and I went very optimistic to our nearest powder ski resort and a place where everything started for me - Vogel. We were there one of the earliest so we could see a sunrise. Freeskiers were slowly coming and we soon realized that we won't be alone there.

Matjaž Verbič
It trully was an awesome day with awesome people and with even more awesome snow. Firstly and for a difference from others, we were THE ONLY ONES who checked snow stability, as Rok teached us and realized that powder was really sticked to old snow.

It is fun when racing each other to catch unridden terrain but even better is sunbathing all together on a terrace at the top. :)


I wish I could ski on Friday too, but since that was not possible because of work and bad weather, I really wanted to make Saturday count.

Forecast was promising - window with a few hours of sun after a snow storm, which would give us around 5-10cm of snow. Ok.
Mrtn, Aleš, Ortar, Gašper and me decided to go to Pokljuka... Firstly to Viševnik and then to check Mali and Veliki Draški vrh...

Aleš Kegl

When we came there, there wasn't any sign of 5cm of snow... it has fallen 30cm instead! We were only third there but already too late... sun was shining so much that snow went heavy before we even made to the top. Anyway, we wouldn't ski on south but on northern side of Viševnik to catch some good snow. And we did, everybody with different line and different style. Gašper Slak just send it, people were just staring haha. :)

Then we went on to catch some more powder runs, while laughing at ski-tourers with their narrow skis and even more narrow turns. :)

It was an awesome day spent in our beautfiul mountains with happy people.

So how this tittle came to my mind? I am not even tired from days spent in mountains! When being in a good shape everything becomes so much easier... and now I am really enjoying every moment spent on skis, because I can play sooo much more... Right now I think I could do anything, but I have to be smart and be aware of my smallness and be patient. My time is yet to come!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share!