četrtek, 18. februar 2016

A quick solo and some woods shredding


Monday morning was a rainy, foggy and sleepy one. I think I hadn't gone so late on skis ever before, but I knew that days are becoming longer and when there is bad weather in the mountains, usually no one is there.

Drejc sent me a picture of Begunjščica an evening before and it looked good in my opininon.
So I had to check it of course!

When I came to Ljubelj I was sleepy and was moving slowly... until I stepped on my skis. I immediately started to walk fast to wake up and after an hour I was already climbing up the Centralni plaz above Zelenica.

I hadn't any goal that day, I just went to check snow conditions if anything is possible to ride.
I made a path directly to the entrance of Centralna grapa/couloir in almost 30cm of fresh snow so it was a nice training... which was just a warm up for trudging in couloir till the top.

Unfortunately it was so foggy on moments that I didn't see 5 meters in front of me. Fog was just getting thicker and thicker... I soon saw a cornice on the top so it had to be about a few meters until the top... well, I was wrong, I saw a wrong cornice than I should and fastly realized that I went in wrong direction. I was about 50m more right than I should, but I decided to ski down from the ridge as fog was getting worse and wind started to blow.

On moments I didn't see anything, I just went down by instinct. Finally fog became thinner and I saw a few meters more, so I decided to pick up my speed a little. In the bottom of the route snow was packed and hard to ski, but I made a few nice turns and headed to sip my tea in the lodge.

When I came home I realized my camera bacame foggy after a five or six turns... dammit!


Yesterday we had a little expedition with friends on Pokljuka... I was late again and soon received a message from Drejc: ''Classic. You live the nearest and you need the most time.'' Sorry guys, I had to finish my job on a toilet, haha.

Because avalanche possibility was a really high one (still is), we went to shred some woods and pillow lines to a place where almost every one of us started ski-touring - Pokljuka.

Drejc, Matjaž, Dorijan, Mrtn, Jaka, Rok and I were enjoying snowy landscapes and a nice path. Firstly Drejc was the bulldozer, then I made most of it which is good for training.
That was Dorijan's first ski-tour! And he did it really well.

Jaka Tamše

We knew where it would be the most dangerous to trigger an avalanche when skinning up... and it happened exactly there we knew it would. Luckily the avalanche wasn't so big, but I had to dig Matjaž out of snow because he couldn't move out of it.

After a tea in a lodge we went a bit higher to our start of skiing point. One run we did all toghether and one more we did with Drejc, Matjaž, Mrtn and I alone as other gangsters had to go home.

It was a nice and relaxing day feeling small beneath those huge snowy trees.

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