sobota, 20. februar 2016

Fastest line of my life

Never eat a pizza a night before you are going to shred some nasty lines a day after... you will soon know why :)

I decided to try once again to send it down in Centralna grapa.. and this time I was finally successful!

When I was driving to Elan factory on Thursday to pick up my new skis, I saw how beautifully Begunjščica looks like. It really is my favourite mountain, even though I still have to discover a big part of it. Oh... and skis... I really don't have right words to describe them yet! I start to shake everytime I look at them, so excited I am!

When I checked the conditons on Monday, I knew that I will soon come again... and I did and a little dreams finally came true! Snow was just perfect for skiing and I had a whole couloir just for myself. What a speed!
That just wouldn't be possible without my new skis, because they are a bit longer and wider, and the most important.. they are sooo much more stable!!!

I will write a longer blog dedicated just to Ripsticks when I get more used to them.. but so
far I'm just lovin them!

After that nasty super fast line in Centralna grapa i went further to check Vrtača... when I came beneath the face, mountain said ''NO'' to me... Fog became so thick that I didn't see 5 meters in front of me... so I skied Y couloir a bit slower than one before hehe. 

My plan was to do 3 lines in a day, but I just couldn't... Yesterdays pizza wanted me to go home.

Since I am making home-made protein and carb bars, I take them on longer trainings and skiing with me... it's so much better if you know what are you eating! If anyone is interested in having them or making ones, let me know. 

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