sreda, 24. februar 2016

Sometimes it's harder

After Vrtača on Sunday, Jan and me decided to check what conditions we have above Pokljuka. We should go there, ski a few lines and have some good time.

I picked him up at around 7 o'clock, then we drove up without any hurry. It was actually almost nobody there. And in the middle of nowhere Jernej Avguštin appeared! We started to talk and then headed to the top together.

After half hour we realized how icy it was... even though sun was shining and temperatures were rising a bit, ice didn't melt for a bit. I had soon realized that our plans may change a little bit as it's hard to ski on icy snow, especially on exposed faces...

So Jan and I had just skied down from Viševnik on the south-west side, through JZ grapa. We were hoping to ice melt a little bit, but it didn't. It was hard to ski as you have to ski with more power and be more careful. Even though it was probably one of the worst snowpacks in a long time, we agreed that we have to ski on all kinds of snow. Some training is never bad for progressing.

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