nedelja, 21. februar 2016

Spring skiing in the middle of winter

I wanted to go on a ski tour some day with Jan Palovšnik. Ex-ski racer with a perfect technique, speed and passion for mountaineering. And the same age as mine. What could be better?

We made a contact on Friday I think, talking about Sunday... we knew it would get pretty warm already in the morning, so we decided to start a bit earlier as you usually do.

How unusual for me... I fell asleep when I had already been awake. Those things can happen if you don't jump from a bed immediatelly haha. Fortunately I woke up after 15 minutes and managed to be in Tržič in 15 minutes. Don't mind the speed, mountains were calling!

We started walking at 5.10 am towards Vrtača mountain. Our plan was something like ''we should be at the top when sun goes up''... well we were very optimistic about that, weren't we? :) Even though we had a pretty decent climbing speed, we were too late of course. We should start at least hour earlier. Days are becoming longer...

Even though I was on Vrtača already yesterday, that didn't helped us much. Most of my steps in the couloir were filled with snow so we had to do everything again. After sunrise we slowed down a bit, because we had time now. Haaa, second mistake! We slowed down so much that snow became heavy haha. Shit happens!

After some photos we were ready to ski down on south face. Haaa, third mistake in a row! :) Maybe it would be better if we would go back to Y couloir and I would ski the south face a day before. But who knows!

Snow was heavy, sticky and hard to ride on. We really had one shit of snow, but we also had a good time. Snow is snow, right? :)

When we came back to Zelenica, we could not believe our eyes... there were soooo many people! I haven't seen anything like that, on 100 meters I counted them 52 (FIFTY-TWO)!!! Parking place at the bottom was packed till the last free centimetre, and people were still coming there (at noon?!).

Yesterday's fast line on Begnujščica went viral... that gives me some more motivation, thanks to all!

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