nedelja, 14. februar 2016

Train hard, play hard

So... let's start with some summary of what I've been doing past few days.

After being in Austria with slovenian skiing legend Bine and Mrtn I spent most of my time training on a mountain bike and in a gym to train on my strenght and balance. I also started swimming last week and I already improved my technique a bit... on Friday me and my team moved to slovenian coast to get some hard trainings done... which were actually not so hard after all. :)

I haven't been training as hard as this year before so you can imagine how big a difference is comparing with last year or year before... What ever, let's go to skiing!

Last week I was checking the forecast every single day for several times a day... I knew that it will snow big time after I get back from training camp and that was my biggest motivation there haha! In mountains had fallen from 50 to 150 centimeters of snow... FINALLY!!!


Drejc, Matjaž and I went very optimistic to our nearest powder ski resort and a place where everything started for me - Vogel. We were there one of the earliest so we could see a sunrise. Freeskiers were slowly coming and we soon realized that we won't be alone there.

Matjaž Verbič
It trully was an awesome day with awesome people and with even more awesome snow. Firstly and for a difference from others, we were THE ONLY ONES who checked snow stability, as Rok teached us and realized that powder was really sticked to old snow.

It is fun when racing each other to catch unridden terrain but even better is sunbathing all together on a terrace at the top. :)


I wish I could ski on Friday too, but since that was not possible because of work and bad weather, I really wanted to make Saturday count.

Forecast was promising - window with a few hours of sun after a snow storm, which would give us around 5-10cm of snow. Ok.
Mrtn, Aleš, Ortar, Gašper and me decided to go to Pokljuka... Firstly to Viševnik and then to check Mali and Veliki Draški vrh...

Aleš Kegl

When we came there, there wasn't any sign of 5cm of snow... it has fallen 30cm instead! We were only third there but already too late... sun was shining so much that snow went heavy before we even made to the top. Anyway, we wouldn't ski on south but on northern side of Viševnik to catch some good snow. And we did, everybody with different line and different style. Gašper Slak just send it, people were just staring haha. :)

Then we went on to catch some more powder runs, while laughing at ski-tourers with their narrow skis and even more narrow turns. :)

It was an awesome day spent in our beautfiul mountains with happy people.

So how this tittle came to my mind? I am not even tired from days spent in mountains! When being in a good shape everything becomes so much easier... and now I am really enjoying every moment spent on skis, because I can play sooo much more... Right now I think I could do anything, but I have to be smart and be aware of my smallness and be patient. My time is yet to come!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share!

8 komentarjev:

  1. But if I'm not mistaken ski-tourers with their narrow skis made the first lines in the snow before you did :).

    1. actually just two guys went to the top before us, after that we were the ''path makers'' :)

    2. ...anyway it's a joke, I respect everyone up there!

    3. Of course it's a joke. No hard feelings at all. But you have to admit that those ski-tourers made quite a lot more altitude that day then you did :)

    4. of course, the first skier who made a path almost to the top is a king! everybody should be thankful for that :)

  2. Since when we laught at someone in the mountains? It looks like you are a patetic hotshot who belongs in a snob ski resort or a bar not on a mountain. We visit mountains on foot or skis to stay away from people like you...

  3. as it seems that everybody misunderstood my sentence about narrow skis, I will just say again: it's a joke, I respect everyone who lives with the mountains and if you would know me better, you could tell that I also try to say hello everybody I meet there and I always try to be nice... peace!