sobota, 27. februar 2016

Trolko was trolling us

Snow, wind, cold and fog moved back into slovenian mountains... It feels like winter again.

This week I should have been resting as I have done 24 hours of trainings last week. And I have, I've been active just three times this week. And that feels soo much easier! 

7 - Trolko
8 - Y
13 - Grapa v SZ grebenu
Today Jan and me went to Ljubelj (again)... our plan was quite simple: to ski 3 lines: Trolko (IV,S5), Y (IV-,S5) and a simple couloir in NE ridge (III). (7,8,13)

As usual, we started early to avoid folks and pressure, so we could skin and climb up in an easier tempo. This time we went up without headlights as day went in earlier and we soon saw some kind of sunrise.

When we were booting towards the start of our first route, two guys caught us up and we soon started to talk. They were super friendly so we went on together as they had similar plans as we did.

Their names were Franci (Čopko) and Gašper. Franci was dictating direction and we dictated tempo, as we were in front. When Trolko route (usually) goes into the right, we had to go to the left as upper part did not have good conditions... so we just went to the ridge and then to the top. When crossing the face, at some point I didn't know how to step up with my right leg haha. It was funny and interesting, but if I would slip down, I don't know how it could end. :)

Of course, other three guys did not have any problems as they climb in the summer too haha. That is also my main weakness - I don't do any rock climbing anymore, maybe I should... but when?

Skiing was actually pretty good if I compare it to wednesday's one as snow in the upper part was soft today. Of course it was not as good as one week before, but ok!
After we climbed Trolk oroute, we descented Y couloir. When we came down from Y descent, we soon saw how many people was trying to ascent Trolko... so we decided to go down instead of climbing Trolko again and skiing it.

Jan and me said goodbye from Franci and Gašper and headed towards western side of Begunjščica to climb and ski another route. But when we came there, we realized we went too low and fog just got thicker. So we just went back home. 

Really nice day meeting new people in the enviroment where we feel good. Even if there is bad weather. Actually bad weather doesn't exist. Just wrong equipment and clothes.

***EDIT: we weren't in Trolko as we went too high. Never mind, we were on snow.


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