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Another world

I used to be a quiet guy who wasn't smiling much. I was unconfident about myself - about my look, about my actions, about everything.

Then I started wandering around peaks, discovering mountains and harder accessible terrains. New people came along, new friendships started. New visions, new opinions, new styles of living and so many different views on lives. One thing is for sure - mountains do connect us. And connection is definetely strong. More than we even know.

Those people changed me, in a positive way. I became happier, I started smilling and I feel accepted.
We respect, help and cheer each other. Those who keep saying ''no friends on powder day'' has never ridden with a bunch of happy and crazy people who smile all the time...

foto: Drejc... drušna :)
I still like to ride alone though... That feeling of independence, freedom and unconcernity gives you wings at some moments... but on the other hand this is exactly what can makes you sad, unsure, unconfident and lonely. At that moment you always start thinking how much easier it could be, if a friend would be with you up there...

Last two seasons were pretty lonely ones for me... I hadn't knew much people whom I could ski with and those who I knew, I thought I can't take them with me anymore. I started skiing alone, enjoying mountains just on my own, I felt some kind of a freedom. Until that freedom led into loneliness.

It started with school. I wasn't enoying it, I started skipping it for trainings, my circle of friends became smaller and I was alone all the time. At least I thought so. Unfortunately, when people are in a bad mood, sad or deppressed, they see just bad things... The only bright thing for me was skiing and some good friends who were standing behind my back at all times. I felt different - in a bad way. Until I posted a blog named ''Zakaj?'' - which means Why? - where 
I tried to explain my feelings on skiing.

I think that was the most important moment of last season... not skiing, not sponsors, not an injury, but a blog. A blog about my feelings. It was important because of its virality and many feedbacks... I realized how many people is reading and following my adventures, people were writing me messages, they talked to me at school... even professors.

And then bang. New season. First tour. Already with new people. And next one, new people. And so one. This year I have met so many new freeskiers and snowboarders... I feel that people accepted me in this small slovenian freeski scene. I feel accepted. And I am super happy about it. New people means new opportunities, new ideas and new challenges. New friends, new relationships.

foto: Smrekar... z Binetom :)
If I end my season at this exact moment, I would say it's the best one I've ever had. I am not talking about winter, because snow just came really, really lately actually, but because of friends. They changed me. I am happy. I am a freeskier.

I would like to say thanks to all who support and help me through my journey. I hope it will be a long one. Family, friends, sponsors. Elan, Actionmama, Dynafit, Kult... Thank you.

Oh and... thank you Anonymus ... for that comment on Why? blog. You really made me even more motivated. High five!

foto: Kegl... friends on powder day? Hell yes!!!

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