sobota, 26. marec 2016

Just try and go, go beyond and further

After more than three weeks of skiing, training and doing whatever possible just to be active, I had to recover for a few days. I have done more than 85 hours of training this month and I was already on my limits with health and immune system. I actually got a fever for a day or something, but it went away quickly.
After skiing Večerna and Ostržkova I was too hyped. That day was extremely hard for me as I wasn't strong anymore, but I managed to push myself for a bit more and made that day really successful. That after-hype took away those last atoms of energy from me and I stayed in a bed next day.

Friday was the day. #UltraGoričkoPiran

Anže Česen had a project of running from Goričko to Piran. Some will say that is not needed, not normal, not even appreciated, but I understand him. Urška was helping him with kinesio taping and massages so I thought I could go and run a few kilometres with them. I picked up Žiga at his college and we went to Logatec.

When we passed Anže and his group, Urška was already running. We waited for them a bit further to change our clothes and when Anže saw us, he immediately ran towards us and hugged as we know each other already for a long time. He was truly happy to see everyone, anywhere. Such a good man. Since I am not running regularly, I didn't know how far will I come, but I wouldn't give up so easily... I ran a half-marathon without training! That gave me a lot of motivation and much needed energy. Which I then fully gave away I think... I was mentally with them all the time. Telepathich communications truly exists.
I knew that Urška is a bit crazy... but... she went far beyond her limits. She ran a double marathon. Yes, she was running and stopped at 85 kilometres. Yes, 85!!! 

Dalibor, who I know from Instagram, was also there... He and Jan were running from Ljubljana to Piran... Oskar started in Celje and ran to Kalce. All kind of runners were coming along the road, people were coming and going. And that is exactly what Anže had in his mind with his project - connecting runners from social networks into the real life. I think he made it true.

Anže started running in Goričko on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. He finished his run today, early in the morning, in Piran. It took him just 44 hours of running and just 1 hour of sleeping to run to Tartini square in Piran. You don't have an opportunity to meet such people every day. I was the smallest part of the whole story, but I felt extremely good. Everybody who was there, went beyond their limits. They wrote a story which will not be forgotten easily.

Such people give you motivation, another way of thinking, some kind of happiness and good vibes. A day which will be in my heart forever. This is what I wrote on Instagram when they were 30km from the finish line:

''I had never run before. Not with joy and happiness. But this time... I was the happiest man on the earth. It is the people who gives you the power... The happiness for being alive. Not because you have to, but because you can. Just go. And never stop. Discover new places, new styles of living, new people and new joys. Joys of happines. Of life and being alive.''

I am proud of them, proud of myself, proud to be part of it and extremely thankful for an opportunity. I am not a runner. But I went and gave it a try. So should you...

They have truly proved that hard work does pay off. But what is stronger than hard work? Your mind. Your mind can lead you anywhere. You just have to step out of it. Now, go out, stop complaining about everyday problems and do something what will fullfill you heart. Go beyond your limits.
Because you can.

Anže, Gorazd, Dalibor, me, Žiga, Tomaž, Urška, Jan, Oskar and some other runners.

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