petek, 18. marec 2016

Skiing the gnarliest lines on Begunjščica

I am 19 years old. Ok, 20 in one month. And I have to say that I am proud of what I have done today.

I had been watching one gnarly line on my home playground for almost a month. A month full of preparing, trainings and waiting for right conditions. That line is named ''Večerna'' - Evening one. It has the highest grade of all lines on the mountain and I decided to ski it.

Starting at 5 am after wakeing up Urška, starring to the night sky and waiting for sun to rise. In a hour I was at the entrance of the line and sun came out.

When skinning up I was thinking about how quiet everything is. A light breeze was blowing and some birds were singing their songs. Sounds of my lungs and heart beating, skins were drifting and ski boots were bleeping.

I wasn't hurrying when climbing, but my tempo wasn't so bad either. Some parts were really... steep. Even though that line is marked as exposed, I hadn't feel it so much... I was really enjoying it actually.

When I came to the top, an old friend was waiting for me. He saw me from the bottom and he was sure who is climbing up... I didn't expect anybody there and he made my day even nicer. A quick chat and here I go, let's do this!

What a joy!!!

After Večerna I went to the next line, which is located a bit lower down the mountain. It's called Ostržkova or Smer Pavla Janca (Pavel Janc route). I was a lot slower than in the morning but somehow I made it to the top... sking was awful. Icy, exposed and narrow. Nothing interesting, but I made it. Another hard one.

On the narrowest and the most icey part I was soooo surprised about my Ripstick! I was standing just on my tips an tails and I didn't move for a bit. It really is one of the best possible skis on the market right now. And I am proud to ride it.

I knew that some day, I will ski steep faces. I think I made my first steps to the real ski-mountainnering.

4 komentarji:

  1. "...It has the highest grade of all lines on the mountain..."

    Od leta 1995 se je pa tudi že kaj spremenilo na tem... ;-)
    Čestitke za spust in hvala za objavo. Tudi danes (v nedeljo 20.3.) so bile razmere za spust super.

    1. Hvala!

      Vvodničku (Miklus, 2005), je s VI- ocenjena samo še Rožičeva... Po oceni težja, se mi zdi Zeleniška grapa, samo je ni v nobene vodničku tako, da ne vem. Predvidevam. :)

      Če obstajajo še kaki novejši zapisi o smereh, vodnički, itd... se priporočam za informacije! :)

  2. Miha Zupan je 2009 v samozaložbi izdal plezalni vodnik Begunjščice. Ko boš spet enkrat na Zelenici, jih v koči povprašaj zanj, sicer pa se obrni direktno na Miha - njegov kontakt dobiš na strani AO Tržič

    1. Ooo tocno, sem se spomnil, najlepsa hvala!!! Bom dobil nekje!

      Hvala se enkrat!