sobota, 05. marec 2016

Skiing with a legend

A month ago I received a private message from a guy whom I started following since I made my facebook account and way before I had even started skiing. I actually don't remember how that happened but with time I realized who that man is, how he lives and how important he is.

He is actually totally simple man. But with a big heart and even biger feeling for young people like me. Nice, caring and super funny guy. I really respect him even though I have seen him just once.
Now you are already thinking about who that man is. I'm talking about Marko Šimenc - Mac as most of people call him. HE sent a message to ME - me? ''I'm a little guy who just started doing some skiing turns in slovenian mountains, with not much than a few years experience and a little blog'' I thought myself... He could go skiing with anyone better, older, more experienced... Few years ago I wouldn't even think about such ideas and now he asked ME to ski with HIM?

At that moment I went downstairs to tell my family who wrote me this and I was sooo excited. Actually honored. And then on Monday we went skiing. An evening before I told my family who is going to be at Pokljuka next day again. And them my mom realized: ''Who? Is he from Kranjska Gora? I know him! I knew his mother, she taught me to ski!''

I was like - what the hell? How is that even possible... How can be world so small?
From that moment on, I felt like I know him for a long time haha. And I started respecting him even more.

When Jan and me came to Pokljuka, he was already there. He slowly and quietly drank his coffe. When we came, he was happy to see us... so were we, of course. :)

I won't write about skiing, because it wasn't important that day. We were there with a legend.
A legend with a big smile, bigger heart and nice beard. Oh, and a nice hairtcut too. :)

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