sreda, 09. marec 2016

Tons of fresh powder...

... for everyone!

foto: Aleš Kegl
This week is on of the best I have ever had. I'm skiing almost every day - 4 days on skis and one for resting haha. Tommorow it's going to be one hell of a day - sun will come out and we are going to Vogel mountain again. :)

After failing to ski NE ridge of Begunjščica, I just couldn't wait to sit on a chairlift and charge it back down, so we went to Vogel. Blue sky, half meter of fresh snow and good friends. What could be even better?
After a looong time I went and dropped it down from a cliff and I think I should do that more often. Carving down the untouched line, looking down and then, baaam. Speed rises and you start screaming. Not a bad feeling.

After a sunny day on Vogel, snow storm came back so Jan Pirnat, Jan Palovšnik and I decided to take some photos in snowy woods, smashing some pillows and deep turns. I have a huge respect on Jan Pirnat as his life isn't easy, but he is a mad man doing what he loves and gives his best at everything. Please, check his story if you haven't yet.

After shooting I had to be at home for a bit as Sundays are reserved for family lunch. After that I just couldn't wait long so next morning Jan and I went back on skis and did a hard training session: firstly uphill and then donwhill. 1500 vertical meters of fresh powder during heavy snow storm... so romantic. That day we met Dejan Hodžič - George as his friends call him and Anže Štravs. We did one AWESOME run together, but then they had to leave. 

Of course next day was deep again... Actually very deep. We actually had a mini expedition! 11 people who are hungry for powder. At the same time, when any one of us looks at the trees, bending under tons of snow, becomes so kind and soft. Second after we are smashing lines down the hills and screaming like retared. Such a joy.

A strong group of skiers and snowboarders inculded: Drejc, Kegl, Jan, Blaž Kajdiž, Luka Podlogar - Podli, Štravs, Slak, Jure Niedorfer - Chouka, Vohar, Jernej and myself.

Tommorow is going to be another powder day, then I hope to get back to steeper and narrower terrain as I have to step it up for my project. Winter came back to mountains bringing tons of new snow and weather forecast is optimistic for a next week.

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