sreda, 02. marec 2016

... we will come back again

I have so many lines and plans on my mind that sometimes they're confusing me.

I realized that it's time to ski something harder, something I haven't skied before, that I have to go beyond my limits after some time.

It was snowing on sunday and monday, so I thought myself we could finally try something different... A line which is not actually a real skiing line, but it's hard to ride it and not many people try it. It's actually a line which is combined of two different routes together - a ridge and a couloir. I'm talking about NorthWest Ridge and a couloir in it on Begunjščica. Yes, Begunjščica again, I know...

So, we should go there, check the conditons, climb up, cross a ridge and ski back down.

Actually, we came under that couloir and snow was sticked to the old layer. So we didn't check conditons any further. Then we were climbing that couloir, which looks so short and steep from far away. It's actually a bit longer than it looks like and it is not steep at all. That means we were ass deep in snow.

foto: Jan Palovšnik
When we finally came to the ridge, we changed our sticks for crampons and ice axes (for the first time this year) and started climbing... Damn, where is snow? Ridge was hard to hike/climb and we soon realized that maybe we wouldn't be able to ski down. Then we even had to traverse into the right on a reaaally small amount of snow laying on some rocks... place was exactly half a meter wide and under that rock was just some air... A lot of air actually. Something like 50 meters.

Few minutes later we realized that we went too far right and too low. So we had to give up. We went down to Smokuški plaz and went to the top. A bit angry, but hungry for more. It won't be long until we get back.

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Today we had lost.

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