torek, 26. april 2016

A big THANKS to everyone!

As many of you know it, it's my birthday today. And as many of you know (or not), I wanted to finish my project of #40lines till today. I haven't done this, but it should be finished very soon. I've done 31 lines by now.

But lets go back for 10 days to write about what were we doing...

After the most magnificent day on Mangart with Nika, with the best sunrise this year, Klemen Šafar, who is my mentor, sponsor, ''boss'' (he doesn't like to be called so), friend and one of the kindest and hard working guys on the planet, Nika and I went to Stenar. For me the most unique and magnificent mountain in Slovenia, with one of the greatest skiing walls of all with the most exposed lines. I hadn't been up there yet, so my very first thought was... of course, I'm in!

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Waking up in the middle of the night, saying the last goodbye from my bed and partly sleeping the whole drive to Vrata valley were worth it. What a sunrise. Just wow. And being at the top at 7 am... yes, it's worth it. Even my problems with bindings and skis didn't destroy our joy and we enjoyed every second of it. At least I did!

My birthday was coming and I really had a wish
to ski some more lines... So yesterday, in the late afternoon, after all my duties, I went to Vršič and fastly hiked untill the top of Velika Mojstrovka. With my new skis! Ripstick 96! They are my narrowest skis I have ever had and I have to say, I'm not used to them yet! Although it was my first ride yesterday... and you know what? My pair weights exactly 4kg with bindings on. Heeeeell yeah! I was flying on the uphill!

I pushed it a bit and skied two lines, which one of them, from the top of Velika Mojstrovka was skiing and the second one, which I have done it with Jan already a few weeks ago, Pripravniška ravine, wasn't really. But as I was on my skis the whole time, I'm calling it skiing! Even if it's dry one! :)

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And as I wished already a month ago, I was skiing on my birthday. It was something special - firstly because Nika surprised me with a present on the top, secondly because we went to my playgroud - Begunjščica and lastly, because we skied powder. Yes! Powder on 26. of April!!! :))))

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We are going to have some nice powder days in the following days, then I'm heading to coast to learn about mountainbike guiding and then we should hit some nasty lines in higher Alps!

I would like to thank to every one of you for the best wishes, to all who keep following and supporting me on my journey and to all who have strong nerves when I'm out there. But you have to know it, I enjoy every moment up there! See ya :)

petek, 15. april 2016

Feeling blessed

Sometimes, before you even realize it, things happen for a reason. You might not notice it in a day, in a month, maybe not even in a year... but when you do, at first a weird smile appears on your face... and then you start thinking what was happening over the time. When you realize, you feel blessed. All of the thoughts, dissapointments about yourself, dissapointments from other people on you, sadness, anger... everything dissappears.

Season is slowly  - or rapidly - it depends on how you look at it - coming to an end. When first real snow had fallen was already Februar... luckily it went down hard so we had two months of real skiing. Now it's already middle of April and unfortunately that warm weather in the last two weeks made snow pack a lot thinner... As it started all of a sudden, it also ended like this. You can see spring everywhere - also in behavior of friends: they replaced ski equipment with mountain bikes... 

I know that I won't end my season just like that so quickly, but I have a lot of plans to do in April and May which could be more important than skiing...
I just wanted to say that some things, sometimes, happen for a reason. I remember how dissappointed I felt when I got informations about not attending Sports Faculty in October... but at the same time, in the exact moment, I realized that this could be my year... a year of opportunities. ''I will finally be able to ski... I can succeed!''. And I can say that it just couldn't get any better. So many new opportunities, so many new experiences, so many new friends, so much of everything. 

In last 10 days I haven't skied much due to lack of time and good conditions, but what we skied was good. After skiing on Mala Mojstrovka, Jan and I went the following day back on skis, but not alone. Grega Brvar called me an evening before if we have any plans... of course we agreed to go together. So we went to Jezersko and our plan was a bit different than Bine and Davo had a few days before... but we ended with the same one as well and skied North Pillar of Skuta. As we were climbing up, someone was already skiing back down... who else as Nika of course!

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Nika Radjenovič is one crazy women... so plans were obvious. We go and ski something crazy together, somewhere high and exposed, in the early morning... while having a good time. And we did.
Waking up in the middle of the night finally! went as it should (I have to say sorry to Blaž, Luka, Jan, Grega......) and we soon came to parking place... and even sooner we had done 1000 verticals to see a sunrise - a special morning glory reserved just for us. 

Well, then she guided me to the top of Mangart. We climbed one nasty detail which was, of course, harder with skis on our backs... And yes, she was climbing and walking in front of me all the time. And yes, she totally killed me. She definetely is a machine. :) 

We skied a combination of two skiing lines and none of them is easy (on paper)... I think I have gained a lot of experiences from her and as it couldn't get any better, we were at home for lunch already. That day definetely goes into my Top5 list. 

Oh and if you don't know who Nika is... she has already gone to several expeditions, also tried to climb Nanga Parbat (8125m), she is a skiing coach, mountainbiker, wild rivers kayaker, climber, and the list goes on... 

As the end is getting closer and closer, my bikes will gradually replace my skis, green forests will replace snowy peaks and trails will replace steep skiing lines. I have to say it - I feel blessed for this season! It may happen that I won't have any season like this one anymore, or for a long time... but who knows. I will just go with the flow... 

     ***I don't know why, but it won't work on mobile phones... go to my FB profile and check it***

Za konec pa, glede na to, da je obletnica rojstva Nejca Zaplotnika, njegova citata:

''Gore so bile moj dom, v njih sem se počutil varnega, le tu sem občutil, da sem gospodar položaja.
V dolini so me vodili trenutki, kakor so pač prihajali in odhajali, početi sem moral stvari, ki so jih ljudje od mene zahtevali in pričakovali, gore pa so bile brezmejne, kakor so bile brezmejne moje sanje...''

''Ti pa ležiš med redkimi šopi rumene, ostre trave, z odprtim srcem srkaš vase večne poti zvezd, šteješ utrinke, veter pa te počasi prekriva z drobnim peskom, ki zaškriplje med zobmi in se lepi na čelo. In prevzema te večni nemir visokih gora, tisti naravni tok življenja, ki smo ga že skoraj pozabili. Takrat začutiš, da te je rodila mamica Zemlja, da si le del pustih dolin, zelenih pašnikov, razbitih ledenikov, da si del šumeče reke in črnega, s srebrom posutega neba. Takrat se zaveš, zakaj te samotne poti neprestano vlečejo nazaj med najvišje vrhove, kjer se sredi tuljenja vetrov stikata nebo in Zemlja.''

ponedeljek, 04. april 2016

Good snow at last

I had so many plans for this year... I hope winter isn't really saying goodbye.

After a really strange week with a lot of bad, soft and heavy snow, I decided to give it a last try. So I packed my gear in the middle of night and drove to mountains with an idea to catch a sunrise. Conditions were so bad that I didn't came far. I just sat down, enjoyed the piece and waited for sun to rise. Actually I didn't see it because of a wall in front of me and some fog far far away, but ok. As the morning had to be perfect, I tomahawked for a coulpe meters. Nice. Luckily I was at home quite early so I went back to my bed. It felt better. Even though that week remained strange.

But! How to start a new week in a perfect way?
You pick up Jan, get on skis again, skin for a long time and then climb. Climb until you reach the top. And then you know your week started good.

We fiiiiiinally went to Vršič pass... maybe a week too late. So much snow has melted. :( A lot of my plans are gone now and they probably wont be realized this year... But who cares, we had such a good time.

Firstly we climbed and skied Župančičeva. Bottom part is steep as usual, the middle part is long as usual, but the upper part... It seemed so much steeper to me! I would say that is goes up to 65 degrees at some point, but the snow is really good and we were at the top quite fast. Jan was a bit uncertain about skiing, but I ignored him a bit because I knew that it would be perfect... He soon forgot about his thoughts and skied the line as good as he can.

After Župančičeva we went to Pripravniška ravine... damn how short that line is haha. It was nice though and I had energy for more, but as we are true partners in crime, I understood Jan and we went back home. More days like this please. Please!!! :)

Btw: It's funny how conditions and nature can play with grades of skiing lines... Todays grades would be definetely higher as normal. So - don't look at grades too much, just go in ski some nice lines.

sobota, 02. april 2016

Strange days

Past few days were a bit different for me... After running, a recovery cycling with friends, a hardcore after-easter-breakfast training doing uphill intervals, I finally went back on skis.

Jan and I were driving in direction of Kranjska Gora and suddenly we decided to check conditions around Špik. We had to walk for about hour and a half to reach the snow line and as that wasn't enough we got a bit lost and struggled in deep, heavy, soft snow... after a while we finally came under Špik and went directly to the line we are seeking for quite a long time... Unfortunately we hadn't any techincal gear with us so we had to turn around as solo drytooling isn't as safe as climbing on ice or snow.

We had done some nice turns, but then one big shit happened to me... I triggered an avalanche behind me and when I realized that snow is coming down, I tried to self arrest a bit with ski poles, but avalanche just hit me in the air and grabbed my skis... Luckily it stopped after about 50 or 60 meters and I had my head out and I could even pushed myself out of it as it dropped me just at the end of the avalanche...

That feeling when snow is so heavy that you can't really do anything... it was something I am not used to. My hands were shaking for a long time and I gained a massive respect for spring snow... I feel lucky as gold fish.

Next day I didn't stay at home but I went to Zelenica to check how heavy and with water filled snow is there... I ended up doing a quick training and turned around at the mountain hut where I had met some nice guys. Skiing was awfully bad even on the old skiing piste...

My next idiotic day was yesterday. And it was a really, really stupid one.
When climbing in the deep snow I usually don't use anything but ski poles and I was booting up like that also yesterday. I saw some footstepts in the middle of nowhere which led me to a climbing route which I didn't know. I changed my ski poles for ice axes and started climbing... and suddenly:

''Oh shit. Oh shit.''

My first quality ski clothes... soooo good!!!
I realized that I had forgotten to put crampons on. ''What can I do??'' To descent back was too dangerous as I wouldn't be able to step down securely, to put on crampons in the steep, narrow and exposed terrain was dangerous too... So I kept climbing up without crampons. It really was THE test for my mind and nerves as every single move had to be 101% secure... And as that wasn't enough, terrain became even steeper and icy... And snow/ice pack was just getting thicker and thicker. Somehow I came to the ridge and suddenly changed all my plans about skiing two ar maybe three lines in a day... Even though days are now longer, I just skied down some weird line (Ratrak) and went home.

I felt like an idiot. Like someone who is trying to commit a suicide in the middle of nowhere.