ponedeljek, 04. april 2016

Good snow at last

I had so many plans for this year... I hope winter isn't really saying goodbye.

After a really strange week with a lot of bad, soft and heavy snow, I decided to give it a last try. So I packed my gear in the middle of night and drove to mountains with an idea to catch a sunrise. Conditions were so bad that I didn't came far. I just sat down, enjoyed the piece and waited for sun to rise. Actually I didn't see it because of a wall in front of me and some fog far far away, but ok. As the morning had to be perfect, I tomahawked for a coulpe meters. Nice. Luckily I was at home quite early so I went back to my bed. It felt better. Even though that week remained strange.

But! How to start a new week in a perfect way?
You pick up Jan, get on skis again, skin for a long time and then climb. Climb until you reach the top. And then you know your week started good.

We fiiiiiinally went to Vršič pass... maybe a week too late. So much snow has melted. :( A lot of my plans are gone now and they probably wont be realized this year... But who cares, we had such a good time.

Firstly we climbed and skied Župančičeva. Bottom part is steep as usual, the middle part is long as usual, but the upper part... It seemed so much steeper to me! I would say that is goes up to 65 degrees at some point, but the snow is really good and we were at the top quite fast. Jan was a bit uncertain about skiing, but I ignored him a bit because I knew that it would be perfect... He soon forgot about his thoughts and skied the line as good as he can.

After Župančičeva we went to Pripravniška ravine... damn how short that line is haha. It was nice though and I had energy for more, but as we are true partners in crime, I understood Jan and we went back home. More days like this please. Please!!! :)

Btw: It's funny how conditions and nature can play with grades of skiing lines... Todays grades would be definetely higher as normal. So - don't look at grades too much, just go in ski some nice lines.

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