sobota, 02. april 2016

Strange days

Past few days were a bit different for me... After running, a recovery cycling with friends, a hardcore after-easter-breakfast training doing uphill intervals, I finally went back on skis.

Jan and I were driving in direction of Kranjska Gora and suddenly we decided to check conditions around Špik. We had to walk for about hour and a half to reach the snow line and as that wasn't enough we got a bit lost and struggled in deep, heavy, soft snow... after a while we finally came under Špik and went directly to the line we are seeking for quite a long time... Unfortunately we hadn't any techincal gear with us so we had to turn around as solo drytooling isn't as safe as climbing on ice or snow.

We had done some nice turns, but then one big shit happened to me... I triggered an avalanche behind me and when I realized that snow is coming down, I tried to self arrest a bit with ski poles, but avalanche just hit me in the air and grabbed my skis... Luckily it stopped after about 50 or 60 meters and I had my head out and I could even pushed myself out of it as it dropped me just at the end of the avalanche...

That feeling when snow is so heavy that you can't really do anything... it was something I am not used to. My hands were shaking for a long time and I gained a massive respect for spring snow... I feel lucky as gold fish.

Next day I didn't stay at home but I went to Zelenica to check how heavy and with water filled snow is there... I ended up doing a quick training and turned around at the mountain hut where I had met some nice guys. Skiing was awfully bad even on the old skiing piste...

My next idiotic day was yesterday. And it was a really, really stupid one.
When climbing in the deep snow I usually don't use anything but ski poles and I was booting up like that also yesterday. I saw some footstepts in the middle of nowhere which led me to a climbing route which I didn't know. I changed my ski poles for ice axes and started climbing... and suddenly:

''Oh shit. Oh shit.''

My first quality ski clothes... soooo good!!!
I realized that I had forgotten to put crampons on. ''What can I do??'' To descent back was too dangerous as I wouldn't be able to step down securely, to put on crampons in the steep, narrow and exposed terrain was dangerous too... So I kept climbing up without crampons. It really was THE test for my mind and nerves as every single move had to be 101% secure... And as that wasn't enough, terrain became even steeper and icy... And snow/ice pack was just getting thicker and thicker. Somehow I came to the ridge and suddenly changed all my plans about skiing two ar maybe three lines in a day... Even though days are now longer, I just skied down some weird line (Ratrak) and went home.

I felt like an idiot. Like someone who is trying to commit a suicide in the middle of nowhere.

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