torek, 21. junij 2016

Pre-Op-rehabilitation... Climbing again

You see that guy above? That's Andraž. Šparovec. Crazy freestyle skier which was smart enough to start ski-mountaineering too. Well this year he blew up his knee on Vogel mtn and unfortunately we didn't ski even a day together.

Well now we're already in the middle of June and tommorow he has an operation. But before that, we went on a little adventure on Friday... We started in the evening, hiked up to an old house in the middle of nowhere and had some sleep... Even though it's June, we were shaking all night haha :) Temperature could drop under 10 degrees celsius and as we weren't sleeping in a warm place but in some-kind-of old stable, cold air hadn't been really kind to us.

We slowly made it out of sleeping bags, had a delicous breakfast... and headed to the wall of Srebrnjak. I hadn't been climbing since May 2014 - thats more than two years - and I've missed it so much... That feeling when your arms and legs are shaking, when you're already feeling cramps in the muscles but you keep going and that feeling when you realize you had power to climb a detail you were 99% sure you won't... Climbing really is a sport of its own... you don't experience those feelings anywhere else. And that's exactly what I was missing. I hadn't time for climbing mostly because of trainings or school and now it's finally time to realize my plans. My biggest wish right now is to spend as much time as I can in the mountains - from hiking, trailrunning. climbing... maybe even skiing haha.

Let's go back to our adventure. We were slow, or let's say, I was slow haha, we missed the route for a bit, but we enjoyed every second of it. We had enormous luck with weather - it should rain in the afternoon - we had sun instead... We climbed some harder details next to the route and I can say that I'm satisfied with my climbing abilities. Not being in the rock since May 2014 and climbing that mountain was not something I thought I'd be able to do, but we made it!

After climbing all day we made it to the top exactly when sunset happened and we had to hurry up a bit. I was a bit worried about descent back down as there is no real trail back, only some old, old, old paths... We came down totally exhausted, hungry and even more thirsty, but happy. That feeling when you know you've done something, something special.

Adventure wasn't over of course... we had to come from that old stable down to a car... We saw it on a parking place at 2 AM, somehow I managed to drive it back home with one sleeping pause and made it home at sunrise. It was a day when Simon started climbing again and it was a day which I'll remember forever. If you ask me; would I do it again? Sure.

nedelja, 12. junij 2016

Back home

Sometimes you don't need much to feel better. Usually small things matter.

I hadn't been to mountains for almost a month when Una and I decided to finally go up there together. As weather forecast wasn't the best, we weren't sure where to go, but our instinct guided us to Jezersko. Even though rain should be falling from 10 o'clock on, we had a wonderful weather - my favourite actually: fog, mists, clouds, some sun and rain drops were changing all the time.

Looking at North Pillar of Skuta which we skied this winter. foto: Una Crnek
We had a wonderful time on our mini adventure of trailrunning, hiking and climbing, having fun and enjoying the moments of silence, sounds of wind and nice views. Those moments fullfil your heart and free your mind and I think we both needed that.

I've been running quite a lot lately, especially on trails behind my house. I admit that I'm starting to like running more and more every time... It'd been a few years since I had been putting running shoes on on my daily basis and I hated running at that time. My discipline was a long jump and I loved it just because there was not much running involved... We sure had to suffer anyway, but... I was running-free and that satisfied my needs.

During the last winter, from december on, I was doing morning trailruns before breakfast or fitness trainings and as I can remember, I always had difficulties with going from the home... and I always had even bigger difficulties coming back. It looks like I've found my new passion and training method and I'm enjoying it - also the suffering part... probably because once you are at the top of the hill, you can run down. It's the same as free-touring - it involves the ski touring part, which is going up and freeskiing part... you can charge it down as fast as you can. Even though running is a bit different, I've found one great feature: when running on trails, you can play with terrain.

You can jump from one rock to another, you can run down mixing the frequence of spinning from long to super short steps and accelerate from turn to turn... you can simply have fun whenever you want.

Now I've decided to go one step further. To start running higher, longer. I always hated moving slow in the mountains as with speed you can see more, feel more, be more... And I think that now it's a good time to start my new passion. Trailrunning.

petek, 03. junij 2016

Or maybe the Climax will never come

Time flies by, days are getting longer,
sun is shining stronger ,
nights are warmer, snow is thinner,
soul is sleeping, mind is dreaming,
friends are climbing, studying, working... 
and winter season is officially over for me.

...And I'm here, sitting on my favourite rock of my favourite trail, thinking about life while listening to birds singing... I hear river and cars below me, both are loud. Nobody was here for a few days... trail is narrow and exposed, rain drops have weighted the flowers which are now leaning towards the trail. I'm alone here, I'm always alone here. Maybe some day, I'll take somebody with me... 

I'm sitting here and thinking about life. What I'd like to do, to experience, to see, what kind of people to meet... and suddenly I decide to enjoy the exact moment. Time flies... I have to go, I have to stay warm and run back... Heart beat rises again, legs are spinning on a flowy trail and lungs are receiving thin, cold evening air....

I had some difficult days in the past few days. Mostly because I hardly change my routine... and winter has become one of them. I got used to waking up early, living life at its finest and fullest, I got used to being away from this crazy, impatient world, from people expecting me doing things I don't like and listening people arguing about trivial moments and things... But at the same time, I like to change my routine. As long as I like the new one.

Triglav? Nice try

foto: Marko Šosterič
Just when I thought that the best days of the season are going to happen, snow line had rapidly moved higher and sun was already too strong... I tried to attempt my skiing line on Triglav NE face, on May 7th. Waking up at one o'clock in the morning didn't hel pat all, I was just a bit too late. I should go to Kredarica an evening before and start early to the top... so I decided to turn around and leave it for the next time... it won't go anywhere, I think.

Klemen, Mato and I went to one of those nearest classic ski-touring destinations for spring time - Kolbreinsperre. Parking place was filling with cars, so we decided to hurry up a bit and take our tempo to next level. If you're still asking yourself who were those three idiots running in ski-gear for one kilometer... well, we were haha. Maybe if we hadn't hurry up, Mato would not forgot his skins and run triple distance haha :))

We hadn't any real plans, but we called it day with 2000 verticals and 8 hours in our pockets... A nice training for those two for Chamonix and an excellent finish of the season for me. The only bad thing was... sun. We were totally sunburned and eventually got some new skin... :)

What is picture above showing? Something I couldn't believe my eyes. Seeing Mato and Klemen totally exhausted was something totally new for me...

It's time for white colour of snow being replaced with green colour of trees, red cherries and blue sky. 
It's time for summer.

I have officially ''given up'' on winter. Not because there wouldn't be one, it always is somewhere... some friends are still chasing it, but most of them are doing other things for some time already. I decided to become one of them too. Some would say finally, some would say why already... But I have my reasons. One reason is that I've been enjoying mixing al the things I do lately and yes, skiing isn't everything. But friends are. I disregarded them a bit, I'm sorry guys. At the same time I'm thankful for letting me doing things I love and enjoy, thank you. The other reason is that I can't really afford any expensive trips to West and the third one is that I actually don't have much time. And the last one would be that I have interest in doing other things too...

foto: Mac... Mondraker, Norrona and Osprey... life is good!
One of them is mountainbiking - I've had a wish and my parents enabled me one... I'm on my way to become a mountainbike guide. Some little things still have to be done though, but the main part is behind us. Mac was kind enough to let me ride one of his Mondraker bikes and I think I've fallen in love a bit. We were staying at Jamnica, in Koroška region, at Bike Nomad, with the best possible company. I hadn't been riding singletrails for quite some time and all I can say is... Braaaapppp :) Even though we had primarly been on education, we still had much fun. I hope to see you guys soon again.

Bye, bye, snow

I had been working on my season edit for a few days now: I've chosen moments from all season which mean something to me. It's a bit longer than my usual videos, but as it's the last snowy one this year, it should be. I have to say that I experienced many incredible moments, with awesome people, at our wonderful mountains. I hope you enjoy it till the end.

And for the end some big news... I got sponsored from Osprey - big thanks go to Actionmama and Factory StoreI can choose now from 4 backpacks and a travel bag and my first impression was incredible. Every pocket, every strap, every hole has its own function. Products are not only functional, but also incredibly light, nicely designed, ergonomical and durability is pretty high. I'll show you more with time, but you can already see some of the products on my Instagram page.

Oh and as I'm already talking about social media platforms, I've started using my Snapchat profile after two years. You can follow me on my daily basis at simonerdovan. 

It's probably the last blog about winter, ski mountaineering or freeride here this season, but I hope you keep reading it... Even though I won't ski anymore for some time (probably), I have so many things to do that there's always something to write about. I will try to keep it interesting (I hope it is haha) ;)