nedelja, 12. junij 2016

Back home

Sometimes you don't need much to feel better. Usually small things matter.

I hadn't been to mountains for almost a month when Una and I decided to finally go up there together. As weather forecast wasn't the best, we weren't sure where to go, but our instinct guided us to Jezersko. Even though rain should be falling from 10 o'clock on, we had a wonderful weather - my favourite actually: fog, mists, clouds, some sun and rain drops were changing all the time.

Looking at North Pillar of Skuta which we skied this winter. foto: Una Crnek
We had a wonderful time on our mini adventure of trailrunning, hiking and climbing, having fun and enjoying the moments of silence, sounds of wind and nice views. Those moments fullfil your heart and free your mind and I think we both needed that.

I've been running quite a lot lately, especially on trails behind my house. I admit that I'm starting to like running more and more every time... It'd been a few years since I had been putting running shoes on on my daily basis and I hated running at that time. My discipline was a long jump and I loved it just because there was not much running involved... We sure had to suffer anyway, but... I was running-free and that satisfied my needs.

During the last winter, from december on, I was doing morning trailruns before breakfast or fitness trainings and as I can remember, I always had difficulties with going from the home... and I always had even bigger difficulties coming back. It looks like I've found my new passion and training method and I'm enjoying it - also the suffering part... probably because once you are at the top of the hill, you can run down. It's the same as free-touring - it involves the ski touring part, which is going up and freeskiing part... you can charge it down as fast as you can. Even though running is a bit different, I've found one great feature: when running on trails, you can play with terrain.

You can jump from one rock to another, you can run down mixing the frequence of spinning from long to super short steps and accelerate from turn to turn... you can simply have fun whenever you want.

Now I've decided to go one step further. To start running higher, longer. I always hated moving slow in the mountains as with speed you can see more, feel more, be more... And I think that now it's a good time to start my new passion. Trailrunning.

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