torek, 21. junij 2016

Pre-Op-rehabilitation... Climbing again

You see that guy above? That's Andraž. Šparovec. Crazy freestyle skier which was smart enough to start ski-mountaineering too. Well this year he blew up his knee on Vogel mtn and unfortunately we didn't ski even a day together.

Well now we're already in the middle of June and tommorow he has an operation. But before that, we went on a little adventure on Friday... We started in the evening, hiked up to an old house in the middle of nowhere and had some sleep... Even though it's June, we were shaking all night haha :) Temperature could drop under 10 degrees celsius and as we weren't sleeping in a warm place but in some-kind-of old stable, cold air hadn't been really kind to us.

We slowly made it out of sleeping bags, had a delicous breakfast... and headed to the wall of Srebrnjak. I hadn't been climbing since May 2014 - thats more than two years - and I've missed it so much... That feeling when your arms and legs are shaking, when you're already feeling cramps in the muscles but you keep going and that feeling when you realize you had power to climb a detail you were 99% sure you won't... Climbing really is a sport of its own... you don't experience those feelings anywhere else. And that's exactly what I was missing. I hadn't time for climbing mostly because of trainings or school and now it's finally time to realize my plans. My biggest wish right now is to spend as much time as I can in the mountains - from hiking, trailrunning. climbing... maybe even skiing haha.

Let's go back to our adventure. We were slow, or let's say, I was slow haha, we missed the route for a bit, but we enjoyed every second of it. We had enormous luck with weather - it should rain in the afternoon - we had sun instead... We climbed some harder details next to the route and I can say that I'm satisfied with my climbing abilities. Not being in the rock since May 2014 and climbing that mountain was not something I thought I'd be able to do, but we made it!

After climbing all day we made it to the top exactly when sunset happened and we had to hurry up a bit. I was a bit worried about descent back down as there is no real trail back, only some old, old, old paths... We came down totally exhausted, hungry and even more thirsty, but happy. That feeling when you know you've done something, something special.

Adventure wasn't over of course... we had to come from that old stable down to a car... We saw it on a parking place at 2 AM, somehow I managed to drive it back home with one sleeping pause and made it home at sunrise. It was a day when Simon started climbing again and it was a day which I'll remember forever. If you ask me; would I do it again? Sure.

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